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216 Waldron St.
Nov. 15 1921

Dear Sister:--

I am just about done with another day and as soon as I get this letter and another one home written I will roll in for the night. If there is anything worth while going on Friday evening that you would like to have me down there fore I will come down on the 330 Friday P.M. if not i will wait and come down in the morning on the excursion there will be no difference in car fare so far as I am concerned as I will not return with the excursion anyhow. As for rooms you ned not bother to get me one. I will "sponge" a nights sleep off "Cy" or "Bill" or if they have no room I won't bother about sleeping at all. I have almost come to the conclusion that I will not have time to work on any debate because if I try at all I want it to be a worth while try. If I want I can get the job of firing furnace at a sorority about 1 block north of here, would you advise me to take it $10 per mo.

Last week end was the Flower Show and it certainly was wonderful it makes me more than ever determined to specialize in Hort. I wish that you could have been here and the folks from home to [maybe] you can see it some time it is worth a lot.

This is an awful poor job of scribbling but just wait till you have some leisure time to read this.

You asked about my speech of acceptance. I was elected secretary and the newly elected officers put on the program the night they were installed.

I am sending the letter I received from home today. The pig referred to is a Registered purebred Duroc boar pig that I picked out and had Papa buy. I am glad he likes the pig.

Nuf Sed.
With love

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