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Geneva, Ind. Nov. 13. 1921.

Mr. E. Clark Munro.
216 Waldron St. W. Lafayette. Ind.

My Dear Son.

It is now Sun eve cloudy & threatening rain. We have had three good sized snow storms in the last 5 days. But the snow is melting nearly as fast as it falls. It's awfully muddy in the barn yard.

The pig arrived in good shape Sat. A.M. I like him, he is a good straight fine colored animal. We have not done much since the last time I wrote. It has been to wet and stormy. The shredder is standing in our barn yard and we are next but that may be quite a while yet.

Warren has been trying to have the croup for the last two nights but just scared us a little is all. I hope he is not bothered tonight.

The weather has been so bad and the pop-corn not being husked yet Lloyd could not very well send any. We are not getting much more corn husked than we are feeding. We have the promise of a concrete road past our place next summer. I was in Decatur last Tues. with others seeing about it. The road will go as far west as Amos Shoemakers corner.

I went to S.S. and church in Geneva alone this A.M.

Martin Lehman is going to Fort Wayne in the morning to work for his Uncle at $3.00 Per day. I don't know what the job is. Warren has a letter to send along. Our house is warm and cozy these blustery days. It is going to be worth all it cost.

Here is plenty of room to stop so
good night. With Love.
Your father
A.C. Munro.

Tell us about your debate.

Mamma says there is so much fixing to do on your clothes that she will not have them ready to send before Wed.

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