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Home, Nov. 6th '21

Dear Esther--

While we are all around our (old) reading lamp, (electric) I may as well put in my time writing to you.

I have been no where today. Papa went to S.S. in Geneva, but no one else. We heard of another death from Diphtheria in town, so we decided none of our children would go there. Ralph Wheeler's child, He is the man who has been owing papa for seed wheat for two or three years.

The pan, blotters, erasers & candy came the day you wanted them to & great excitement prevailed for a while. Pleased the kids just as well as tho' they had been more expensive. Did you know that Sat. was Ruth's 17th birthday? I think it must have slipped your memory.

The aluminum pan was very badly banged from the bottom up & at some place from out side to the in, making an awful shape. So I sent it to the tinners in town and they pressed it almost entirely out. They did such a good job that I was most awfully pleased, I can say. They did it in a few min. & no charges. It is a nice pan for the money. One might get the same sized pan other places for 50 but the ware would be thinner. There is such a difference in the heft of that kind of ware. Am so afraid Lloyd or W. will lose my paring knife that am afraid to use it, or especially to let them know where I keep it.

Clark said he could come home next Fri. "Armistice Day" but we wrote & told him not to on account of having no money to spare. Don't let me scare you by talking that way, but I find out when I meet others that every body else is talking it too. But according to the Wallace's Farmer times are really beginning to improve, but we can not expect it to do so fast.

Didn't feel very well Sat, so did not set out bulbs. But will tomorrow if I feel O.K. Bowels seem to be off & make me chilly, then hot & sleepy & etc. Am not sick, just off a little.

What will you do about yourself? Be operated on Xmas time? Hate to have you put it off. Am always so anxious now to open your letters mainly to know how you are feeling. Clark seems to keep well & writes not much but often. How is Tressie? You never mention her.

Will close for tonight with love
from -- Mamma.

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