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216 Waldron St.
W. Lafayette, Ind.
November 3, 1921

My Dear Sis:--

My roommate says that, that is the proper salutation in an informal letter to ones sister. I have just settled down after returning from Lit. and making my speech of acceptance there and should be hard at work on my Agronomy 16 as I have an exam in it tomorrow at 8 but I happened to remember that it is about time to write to you again so I am writing now to get it off my mind. I have not as yet read a single word in the book which the exam will cover. It was ain farm mechanics and anyone could get by without study but my grad in it is B+ and I would sure like to make it an A only a few A's are given in that course so I expect I will have to study after all.

I received a letter from Mamma today, everybody is well, lot of diphtheria in the county, Papa went to a live stock sale on the other side of Berne, Warren is doing fine, Lloyd is leading his class and nothing was said about Ruth.

This week end is the Homecoming game and preparations are going on with an ever increasing whiz as the days go by. All I can see ahead is work, work, work, thru the haze of the mass ahead and behind a glimpse here and there of something done either well or poor when i see the poor work I loose heart and when I see my work well done it urges me on thru the maze. I have been on the jump all day, studied for a test and ate breakfast from 6-8, one exam and 2 quizzes till 11, 11-12 the convo hour I worked on my room cleaning it up, classes 1-4, Library 4-530 got read for a date dinner 530-630 and 630-655 prepared my speech for Lit society. "Be Prepared"? has been my motto. I got by with it all right.

My head is in a whirl right now so

With love,

P.S.: -- I see no reason why you should not correspond with Fred Reffe. True, he is not a college man, but few college men are equal to him as men.

P.S. No. 2: -- I intend to come down to I.U. vs. Purdue Football game on Nov. 19. Do you want to go to the game if so do you want to go with me? I would like to know because if I sit with the Purdue bunch I will get my ticket to the game here. I would like to know as the tickets will be put on sale here next week.

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