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Wed. A.M. Nov. 2.

Dear Esther--

Warren has improved so much in reading and writing since you were home that I told him last eve. he ought to write to you, then you would know he was improving in writing at least. I think his writing is so plain.

I made Lloyd a waist yester P.M. finished it this A.M. so he could wear it to school. His waists are all giving out at once.

I hope the Xmas spirit does not attack you very seriously, for th eexpenses on our house are so far beyond my expectations that I feel some what poor. I told papa the other day that when you kids ask for something or can we afford this or that I always have said "Well ask papa, I don't know," I said I believe it a much better plan for me to know our circumstances, to know what is paid for & what is not. So as soon as he finds the entire expenses (for we are not thru) I'll write them down, for I know I never could remember, and can even let you & Clark know. In that way it will nto throw the entire responsibility on him nor will we be doing things blindly.

Well, I must go to work. How are you feeling?

With love from mamma

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