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Home. Oct. 30--'21
(Sunday of course)

Dear Esther--

papa just asked me if I wanted to write to you. I said I did not know as I wanted to, but perhaps I would. I don't know of any news, so I feel as tho' there is not much to be said.

We took dinner at Dan Schoemaker's, and she had a lovely dinner. Here is menu -- bread, butter, beef (canned) chicken & gravy, jelly, honey, apple preserves, chocolate cake, pumpkin X apple pie, apple sauce, peaches (canned) irish potatoes & sweet potatoes, coffee. Wasn't that enough for threashers. We didn't eat half that was on table. Oh I left out, beet, cucumber & a mixed pickle.

Mr. Dan. S. is so jolly. I didn't know he was so bright and full of fun.

I talked with Luella on 'phone twice last week. Ruby has been quite sick. Has abdominal jaundice. I've not heard since Sat. how she is. Luella said they were looking for Richard to come home Fri. night. I think if he did, some one had a very rainy miserable night to go after him in. Luella always seems to be glad to talk to me.

I believe there is new train service now in Geneva. a train goes N. at five in the A.M. & one S. at or near midnight. Would that help you out any were you to come home Thanksgiving? We will find out exact time soon. No, I would not go to Piper on Thanksgiving Day, much as I know you want to go. Time to short, money too scarce & if you go anywhere you'd better come home.

Diphtheria is in Geneva and has been in Bryant for some time & quite bad. Another disease for me to worry about all winter.

Warren is doing fine in his reading.

How have you been feeling lately? You have not said anything about yourself for sometime.

Will go to bed.

Yours with love,

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