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Geneva, Indiana
October 23, 1921

Dear Sister,

Well, this is the first time I've written to you since you last went to school, or, rather, university. Here is for some news:

Cousin Ben, Mr. Marsh, Mrs. Marsh, Starley (her daughter) and her grandmother came over to pay us a visit today. Part of the time they were here while Warren & I played ball, Starley & Ruth cracked walnuts. We then played Bible Girls.* We played it two times and then all of us went out and played ball. (This was in the afternoon). But they had to go home, so our ball game was broken up.

Don't need to hunt any more for skull-caps, for Clark sent them to us last week. They had the letter "P" sewed on them, but it took little time to remove that.


* A game played like "Authors."

We had a vacation Thursday & Friday on account of a teacher's institute at Indianapolis.

Well, since it is nearly truck-time, I'll have little time for more writing.

Munro Felber is the driver, but, tho he can drive fairly well, he doesn't know how to manage the "kids."

The carpenters left Thursday noon, and glad mamma is, too.

Hoping the plumbers will get done soon, I remain:

a brother of yours

P.S. Excuse my poor writing.

[Added by mamma.]

Clark Marsh was married to a Van Wert girl five weeks ago.

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