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Dear Esther --

I do not owe you any letter, but will write a little anyhow.

Last eve. (yester P.M.) about 4-30 o'clock, Papa came in to see what I wanted from town and just then 'phone bell rang. 'Twas a long distance, & from Van Wert, & I said O. O. O. I am afraid it is company. Then Lloyd, Ruth, & I just fairly held our breath, & sure enough it was from Ben Pearson, he said, mr. & Mrs. Marsh, Starley & Mrs. Marsh's mother would be over Sun. Now may be you think there wasn't some tearing around after that. Ruth & I finished our job of window washing in front room any how.

Well, they came, and I had a good time with them whether they had with me or not.

Mrs. Marsh went with Ben when he took Lillian to Toledo. She said it was an awful experience. Said Lillian just got awful about ten days before they took her away.

Bertha sent to Ruth and me several slips of the Red Carnation and May Pink. Wasn't that nice & thoughtful of her.

Mon. A.M. Have just sent a "thank you" to Bertha. I have the slips in the ground. I see Lloyd has written quite a letter. Hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain--

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