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Rt. 2 Elwood Ind.
Oct. 23, 1921.

Dear Esther,

If I were down at Bloomington these days I wonder if circumstances would allow us to spend some of these bright blue October days together enjoying them. I have had a few drives that afforded us glimpses of some bright gorgeous colored in the woods. The fields have been so green and fresh and trees so green earlier that some of these autumn days have been glorious.

The men were gathering their seed soy beans yesterday and threshing them out by hand. Mabel and I went out and helped them. It is a pleasant change to work out such fine days.

have your people got settled in your new home? What is your father's initials? I sent you people some slips of that hardy carnation. I had to address your mother as Mrs. Munro and added Ruth's name to be sure she got it.

I read in the Elwood items that Helen Terwilliger daughter of Mrs. Isora Terwiliger was seriously ill, threatened with appendicitis. I haven't seen any later news of her.

have you seen Minette? I heard she is teaching.

Mrs. Hunt told me Everett Pearson is enjoying his trip very much. He had not wished for a minute that he had not gone. An item regarding the Mulford expedition in South America (I think that is the one he is on) said they had found plants and animals not seen before. [Ed. Nathan Everett Pearson was an ichthyologist with the 1921-1922 Mulford Expedition for the Biological Exploration of the Amazon Basin.]

The postage on the first package was 22 cts. If that check was not enough to pay all my expenses down there let me know. I was very glad to get my pen. I had feared it might be lost in the mails. So much was being taken.

Do you spend as much time on your history as you did last year? You find as you get farther along in your courses that your work overlaps and your previous work helps out. Your American History 5 and Political Parties reinforce each other, don't they? Is Miss Happell still there? I wonder who took Mr. Snow's place? Mr. Sembower probably. We enjoyed Mr. Snow's evening of poetry he gave us before he left. It was not what we were expecting.
And Mr. Allen left. I hated to see them go -- I liked his wife so much.

Is Mr. Salvador there this fall?

You or Mrs. Humel use that starch of mine.

I am enclosing a letter for Mrs. Humel.

Love --
Very sincerely

[Enclosed on a separate sheet of paper.]

Some of our friends were celebrating their golden wedding the other day. The folks were expecting to attend their reception; then couldn't and wished to send congratulations by mail. We couldn't find any appropriate stationary. Mother had some good but it disappeared mysteriously. some day would you mind wrapping my two stationary boxes -- one was in the table drawer the other in one of those front jar boxes in the closet. You could put the petticoats around them and my black dress. (skirt and waist are separate) if not too much trouble. If any thing else is handy and wish to get out of the way you may add it. As my little scissors but don't hunt for the scissors. I was glad the other extras came. I send my laundry bag back to put things in. I thought it would be handier to just hang things up.


Some stamps

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