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Geneva, Ind.
Oct. 23, 1921

Miss Esther Munro.
8226 E Third St.
Bloomington, Ind.

Dear Friend, I was sure delighted to hear from you and heartily appreciate the answer you gave me. I didn't exactly feel that I was doing anything harmful or I wouldn't have written. I rather thought you would receive the letter with out street no. but I will add it now I didn't know it before. If I would have seen Ruth I would have asked her, but why worry all went well.

As to unexpected letters I read one the other day from one of my army pals. It put pep into me again. Our regiment has a reunion the last of this month at Kansas City. I wish I was able to go. I would certainly enjoy myself. If I ever get financially able I shall own a car of some variety and take a trip to the western plains and its people. I have met some fine folks out there, to me they have been as sisters and brothers.

As we live here on earth, which is life with out friendships. Nothing so good as a helpful and true friend to dissipate the gloom. Do you find many good friends down at school?

Your letter has been a treat especially what you have mentioned about Mr. Eddy and Europe. A man who has traveled considerable is always worth your while to go and hear them. But he ought to have changed the three words about Peace, bread and God. God, peace and bread then they could get something done. They are to egotistical over them. They all want to be the big I and little you, of course the rich they want to be worshipped and that will not work when it comes to the bettermost of a citizen and government. Humility is great to have good and true friends. As Abe Lincoln stated the greatest of all is servant of all, of course we don't mean to lower your Ideals and character not that way, but by being friendly and helpful and not trying to be esteemed our selves. The person whom every body admires and likes is the one who can give a rich smile hand shake kind word or deed that is what digs it way into a heart, given free heartily. Not this camoflouge but real life is what penetrates a soul to get out of the mire and live its best, and by so doing we get & be real men and women and forget about being shy and backward.

And as he mentioned about the pupils conditions, they ought to clam up. They I presume if they didn't change use their spare time to corruptable sport. Recreation is all O.K. in its place but a student can't smoke tobacco of all kind drink liquor and live a fast life dancing and card playing among the opposite sex and be his or her best, and they are enlisted to do so over there.

Our country to a certain degree is getting worse along some of these lines. The young man or young lady has a test as they get out in the world. I couldn't help but think about a few of my friends and somehow I was thinking of you. Don't be weary of well doing because in due season you shall reap a reward if you faint not. A modest girl has to keep her eyes open and be on her guard. I wouldn't want to see a virtuous young lady fall they are to scarce and valuable. if i can be an encouragement to their lives I'm glad to help them.

May I say this if you need any help in your life as you come in contact with all kinds of young people I will gladly lend you a hand one that is extending out to you all you need to do is reach out your hand to me and I will grip it gently, firmly and securely in the time when you think you are sinking into sin. Now I will mention also that I do not flatter and will not flatter you. I for one don't care to be flattered I'd rather they tell me a thing and be honest about it.


I've written this in a hurry I will try to do better next time. I have rheumatism in my left side and hip today and it annoys me somewhat. We are having fine weather. Hope to hear from you soon. I don't believe once a wk for you and I would crowd the postman that would only be about 2 letters for me a month and two for you 24 letters a year only a good romantic book one that I know would be written with a true inspiration of our lives.

Send you my best, A friend,
Fred. A. Reffe.

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