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Home, Oct. 21 -- '21

Dear Esther --

I wonder with such a busy week as you are having, if you'll have time to read this and answer my questions. When you were home, if you remember, you decided to [enamel] the North (front) room in white. I tho't then it would be the nicest way of finishing it, but the yellow pine has such a pretty grain, I almost wish to see it stained instead. Notice I said almost, for I still like the idea of the enamel. But since I've seen the room finished, it makes one wish to show the grain, especially where the seat is. Will make a drawing of West end of room if I can.

The seat has four panels reaching up as high as the top of fire-place & this has the prettiest grain. The top of fire place & top of Book case is one big thick board.

You know the fire-place is not in center of room, for that reason I thot it best to have Book-case on one side & seat on other. had one made a bookcase on both sides, one book-case would have been six inches wider than the other. It looks nice & exactly like picture, does not look lop-sides. As the back of the seat is built as high as top of fire-place & B.C. it gives it all a same-height-look. The seat is on hinges & has lots of room for wood, [?] & anything else. Now, what have you to say about the finish of room, enamel or stain? I must know very soon. How are French doors finished. I tho't they were always in white. Mr. Neusbaum said to enamel base boards & window cases, but stain doors. That sounds strange to me. You see I am very much "bemuddled." Shall we paint all upstairs white? I fear we can't afford enamel except in bath-room. The new wood-work in dining room looks so nice too. Isn't it a shame to paint it. The wood is all new, even doors.

I had fully made up my mind to paint kitchen, & yet there is some new wood in it that is just beautiful.

Your letter sounds as tho you were having a pleasant, busy time. Well, i am having a busy time, but I had such a time with my washing this A.M. I can't say it is always pleasant. Three of carpenters were here again for dinner. Mr. Neusbaum will be back in A.M. a few hrs. then they are thru. Are done with electric-light "bum" also. I haven't enough respect for him to call him a man.

Clark sent the kids their caps. They have been wearing them constantly ever since they came. I asked them if they were going to sleep with them on their heads.

Have you heard of the Roth auto accident? Sun. eve last, he went to turn out for some one or to pass some one & the steering stuck & it turned around & upset them breaking her arm near wrist, both bones in two places, a bad double fracture of right arm. Joe was hurt internally some, kids O.K. Haven't heard lately.

Well, I must go to bed. have lots to do tomorrow. Be sure & ans. very soon abut house & freight of honey.

from -- Mamma


A drawing of seat showing panelling.

When paneling is enameled does it show the paneling. It may tho' I've never noticed how it looks best. The seat is the only paneling that is done, & if whole room is stained should one finish french doors in stain.

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