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October 19 1921

Dear Sister -- : I believe the last letter I wrote you was typewritten and this one will be the same I know that it must seem awful cold and lifeless but I need the practice. I don't know if you have answered my last letter or not but it is getting to be about [time] to write anyway.

I am starting to get some definite returns in grades now Agronomy 1 B, Agronomy 16 A, A.H. A, Bacteriology B. M.T. A, Horticulture 11 A, Chemistery B, and Physics probably a B I hav'nt got the returns from my last exam but it should be about 85. My agronomy 1 is barely a B at that but I am sure that I can at least make it a good strong B before very long.

I got my date as I believe I told you and certainly had a fine time and heard some wonderful music it was at a vaudeville too but it was entirely different from most of them. I just got my corporals cheverons today, not that it is any honor at all it was wished onto me I started to sew them on and forgot which side went up but I don't have to have them until Tuesday so I will let it go for a while. I have four prepares for tomorrow but they will not take up much time.

There has been a little rain today and a strong wind all afternoon and it has blown almost all of the leaves off the two soft maples in front of the house I can now look out and see the almost bare branches of them while if I stretch my neck to look out to one side I can see a hard maple still green altho it is the exception and not the rule for most of the hard maples are all gold, red, or partly each of these and also partly bare, every time I look out of the window the fact that winter is not far off dawns upon me with a fresh shock if it may be termed such. I did'nt have any business starting this page because I do not have any thing to say in particular and this big blank space terrifies me stage fright or something analogous to it I suppose.

Why do'nt you go home over Thanksgiving vacation instead of wanting to go on a wild goose chase to Piper City it can be done but we couldnt stay but 14 hours not long enough to go the rounds even if we only shake hands with them.

There will not be a long time between I.U. game and then for you to get lonesome. I will be down to the game if at all possible and I'll sure make it [possible] if there is any make to it. Well I have just had dinner and am ready to study. It is raining outside now and it will be a perfect night to sleep and I am awful sleepy and for no real reason either. Well I will have to stop sometime and here will be as good a place as any.

With love your brother,
E. Clark Munro

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