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Geneva, Oct. 16-1921-Sun. eve. - 6-15 o'clock.

Dear Esther--

I wonder how you are spending this Sun. evening. We all went over to Domestic Church today (A.M.) it was their Rally Day. Some one sent us a card inviting us to come, and as I wanted to see how they had fixed the church over I was anxious to go. t looks neat, clean but no larger. They have a raised floor, and can use the basement for the children now & so it is not so noisy as it was.

We eat a cold dinner, didn't even se the table and hurried up & went to Lawrence's, found them at home. I took her two bunches of celery, for I had nothing else to take & she gave us five nice big apples & a can of pears. They have a very few apples.

O, I forgot to say that Mrs. Dan Shoemaker invited us to her house for dinner, but I said there were too many of us & that we could come some other time, so she said to come two weeks from today. As that is preaching day we can go to church & then stop there on our way home. So, I said O.K. So you see we are booked for two wks. from today. I was glad to be gone today, for I believe we are torn up as much as we ever were. Well, the kitchen is not so bad either, but down stair (old front room) is packed so full we can not get near the piano. The carpenters will finish Tues. or Wed. Glory be!

Our school is having a lecture course. We went to first one last Tues. night. It was the "Dixie Treo." The same ones who were here last Summer at Geneva. I met Luella there and we had a little chat. She seemed quite pleased to see me. Said she had just rec'd a nice long letter from you. I asked about Katheryn & she said she was getting along fine & really liked her school work very much. She had imagined she would not, but to her own surprise she does. May be it might be that way with you. Wouldn't that be great

Before I forget it I want to tell you that as soon as it is arranged for me to wash under shelter I think may be you'd better send your washings home, but until the present time I have washed out doors under trees & use the brick furnace.

Another change of subjects

One day I asked Mr. Neusbaum if he had ever had rheumatism. He said no he never had. I said he was the first one I'd ever met around here who did not have it. He said he'd never had that but he'd lots of trouble with his appendix. Said it bothered him a great deal last summer, could hardly turn over in bed. But he finally went to an osteopath Dr. in Ft. Wayne & he is much better & said he really believed it helped him.

Papa had screens made for every window & today I left the Daisies at work, & say! You should have seen the flies on floors in Kitchen & D.R. I had to sweep the floors so we could walk.

Ruth & I ironed Sat. P.M. I used the flat irons & she the electric. We had it all done in less than two hrs. Let me tell you she had to iron. I think she, for once in her life, "got a move on herself".

Mon. A.M. I may as well have signed my name last eve. to this letter, so far as any thing I have to add.

Find out of Mr. Hennels what it costs to ship 60 lbs. of honey this far West. Be sure & let me know.


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