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October 14 1921

Dear Sister:- I suppose that you think that I have completely forgotten about my I.U. sister well I have almost but not quite in the hustle and bustle of life around here I scarcely have time to even read the headlines of the daily papres to tell the truth about it I dont know whether the Giants or the Yanks won the world series.

I was home over the week end as you probably already know I left here at seven fifty five Friday evening and got home just in time for a rather late breakfast, went out and worked all day slept nine hours Sat. night left [Bluffton] at nine twenty and arrived here at four thirty Monday morning. This week has been very busy Hort exam on Tues, Organic Chem on Friday (today) and I believe that I got about 90 so far I am due for about four or five A's and the rest B's except one P and that P wont last long if I have anything to say about it.

What to you think of my decorations don't they make you afraid to look into a dark corner of course it isn't quite time for them yet altho it will not be long.

I do not know what to think about going to Piper City for Thanksgiving dinner it would be awful nice but I have spent $150 already and have not bought any clothes yet either as I will soon have to.

I am going to call up for a date tonight if i get it I will tell you I have only had one date since coming back this fall and that was a week ago Wed. on a wenier roast.

I am closer to the end than I thot so

So long - Clark

[Ed: The "I got it" on the envelope would seem to refer to Clark having gone home and picked up the typewriter Mamma had written him about.]

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