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Geneva, Indiana
[Twelfth] of October,
Wed. P.M. 3:00

Dear Esther,
Listen! You will get this Friday if I ever finish it. If you haven't time to read it_____can't you wait until after supper (I mean_____dinner. HA!) or else after classes? If you are as desperate to get letters as I use to be_____of course, you cannot wait. I was certainly always a baby when it came to that. I was glad to receive letters from most any one. That reminds me of an old maid who went out one moonlight night to pray for a man. when she got through praying an owl flew up in a tree above her and it cried in the shrill, ghostly voice, "Wo Hoo--w--oo--WHO. [She thought it was the Lord.] She answered, "O Lord, most any one will do."

(over inside)

So you have not been well? Do you know I never knew it until Saturday morning. Tressie did not write just at the time, I guess. Katherine knew it but she said nothing on Friday night. On Saturday morning we got up early as I was to be at Portland by nine o'clock (went to the dentist). We went through Geneva and happened to see Clark there_____Katherine asked him how you were. After he left I said, "Katherine why did you ask him that?" Then she told me about it. I am so glad you are feeling better now again. It is terrible to be sick away from home and then something like that is worse yet. I wish I had known sooner although I realize I could not do much. But just so you are better now. I talked to your mother last night. She said she could [not] get her work done until she heard of that but now she has quit worrying since you feel better.

When your right cheek burns someone is thinking about you in a nice manner or it stands for love. The left cheek stands for hate. When both burn someone is having a lively discussion about you_____pointing out the faults as well as the good qualities. Well, I have certainly been thinking about you_____but as for your left cheek_____I or no one that I know of is responsible for that. I hope your left cheek never burns for I know how I feel when mine burns____Don't you think I sound superstitious? HA!

It is needless to tell you how much I enjoyed your letter. I am answering so soon because I wanted to show a little sympathy for you as to your illness_____also I may be rather busy next week and then I feel so tired I can scarcely feel like writing. I washed twice already this week_____as I got Richard's L. box yesterday. Started to wash after dinner so the clothes are still on the line. This is a queer day to dry clothes any way. It was raining while ago and the sun was shining.


You know how the Teachers Association meets next Thursday and Friday in Indianapolis. I do not know if the Central teachers will go or not. Justine said last night (at H. School building and the first number of the Lyceum Course_____to get money for the senior expenses. Suppose your folks will tell you about it.) she hoped they got out so she and Geraldine (Geraldine is teaching in Wells County_____a county school. However she does not like it very well.) could go to the meeting so they could spend the week end in Bloomington. Justine likes teaching fine.

Night 7:55_____This was a sudden stop but the children came and since Daddy was here I wanted an early dinner. I got my ironing done_____also have all the nights work done. Everyone is in bed except Clara and I. Clara is trying to study_____I believe the sandman is overtaking her_____me too. HA! I wrote the first part of this letter on the kitchen cabinet table (or what ever one calls it) as a desk. Night finds me here in the sitting room on the west side of the library table writing, sitting on a low rocking chair_____so low I can scarcely write. Guess you can tell it in my writing also. Well, the last here has gone to bed--besides myself. I must hurry on or I must surely go to bed also.

Will start where I left off--if I can remember. The children say they get off next Thursday and Friday so you may get to see the Baker girls. Katherine talked as if the teachers over there got off Wednesday next at noon. I am looking for Mr. Shafer to come back with her K._____that is another reason why I did not put off writing to you. You see I will have about all I can do. I also just have to sew some next week. I don't know how I will find the time to do it but where there is a will there is surely a way. I can leave my own sewing go but I have promised to sew for some of the rest. I seem to be getting slower every day. I guess I think_____What's the use of hurrying for one always sees work. But then I don't like to hear people talk about being so busy. But it is a mighty good thing I have lots to do for I would otherwise surely [?] to sit and think of everything I have to forget, as a general rule, when I work.

Yes, I was asking Tressie about the latest styles--length of skirts, etc. You know, one never or very seldom sees just the latest around here. No, I believe the long skirts will not come in style in America. I read they would not for the American girls had or have prettier ankles, etc. than the French girls. Therefore the American girls like to show them. I think that long dresses are a nuisance____although up to the knee skirts are quite short. Dorothy showed me once how to roll stockings but I would be afraid to risk mine. She said Bessie LaFavour told her. I wonder if it could be the same way. I roll mine and wear the rubber band or I mean elastic bands rolled in mine. but it is getting too cold to roll them. I haven't worn my corsets for so long I could not get them around me the other day as I did not have time to unlace one_____I went without. They are warm for winter though. I have a brassiere with supporters on_____I wear quite a bit. I did not like it at all at first but like with every thing else I like it better every time I wear it. Yes, when I see you I want you to show me how.

So you like your course in education. i wondered how you liked it by now. You have to give a term report? I pity you but as you already know it certainly gives one good experience. For I do admire a person who can feel at home wherever he is. I hope to be like that some day. HA! Well, as for me, the country is a fine place to live. There are drawbacks wherever one lives_____but yet I still cling to the country. If the farm women have a modern home, including a car that they can use whenever they wish (I don't mean to gad about all the time) I do not see why one wants to live in town. But, Esther, it is terrible to see how most country women have to live. I never realized it until I had to stay and do the housework_____but now I can see how most women have it. It is true that a man buys modern machinery to use_____no difference what it costs_____how many women have modern conveniences in the house? She skimps along on a few old fashioned tools. That is not so bad if she is not forced to have a dozen youngsters (more or less). I say, if a man wants to make a incubator (I won't say the other word) out of a woman he should hire a nurse or at least a hired girl and keep her all the time. How many do that? Instead they are ashamed to go out with their wives and their wives just stay in and (I might say) get old fashioned and pine away. I almost hate men when I think about it. I would surely tell you something if I could talk instead of write. I must change the subject as I suppose you would have to stop me. But sometimes I will tell you about how men talk_____some around here that you know, too.

Yes, Esther, people just look around here (I don't mean everyone however) to see if I have a clean house or not. I have to be rather careful. People think college girls ought to be perfect. And oh! I do hate to cook for people because some remarks generally come back to me. I have not heard any bad remarks but it surely make one careful. When men eat here they go home and tell their family and of course someone comes and tells me. I almost get tired of cooking all the time. I surely would feel as lazy as a red lady appears to me to get to sit in the parlor just once while someone else gets a meal here. It would worry me half to death if I were to do that when we had company but I believe it would worry the children worse yet for they always depend upon me to go ahead.

No, I have not seen Dorothy since they moved but I did get a letter from her last Monday. Said she had been quite busy but had been thinking about me every day. I believe she wasn't angry for she wrote a nice letter. she had been sewing for, Lila Caroline, the baby. yes, I saw her sister just once. I don't know who it looked like for babies all look about alike to me. I guess she does care for it most the time. She said Jeanette always took care of the babies and they always liked her the best. She said now she wanted the baby to like her best. She wished Jeanette would board in town. HA! They think there is nothing like the baby, since it is a girl. It is a good thing they like it for they did not want it in the first place.

I am glad your roommate is kind hearted for it does mean so much. It certainly is true that most people are so selfish. Everyone for his and herself. When one finds a person who is sympathetic and unselfish, one surely finds someone. I said the other day that this day and age of the world just seemed to be a struggle for money. Everyone is ready with out stretched hands ready to grab it. Several agents have been here recently, also the Hartford Christians have been here wanting money. And then no one likes it if you turn them away but I don't care I never leave an agent in the house.

I gave K. your message. She still likes school fine. She is bound that I go over to visit. Dad was going Friday P.M. but since, I rather think, Jefferson will have a ball game with Geneva that night he will wait & go later. I suppose I would have gone along. The bunch of teachers over there are certainly lively so she has a good time. I told her there were some nice boys over there or she would not like school so well. She gets to go lots at nights____says she is out almost every night to look at pianos, phonographs--etc. Guess they got a piano now and will not get a phonograph at present. She was in Geneva Monday night and she called me up. There was someone else with her--for they tried to get some joke off on me but for some reason it didn't work. Now she will try to smooth it over some way.

Tressie said she saw you quite often.

How I wish I could go to the cafeteria with you again--if it were just only for once. I imagine how you dread to go out into the cold. But just think you are going to get something good to eat. Oh! how tempting a fire place feels or would feel. Would you mind to have me there with you? I guess I will have to come over some evening to your place during Xmas vacation so I get to sit with you by your fire place. Say, we will have a fire place in our bungalow, won't we? I will build one with you if you will have me. HA!

I must tell you a little news before I stop_____if it interests you. I don't like to see people write gossip but then when I am away I like to hear all the news.

Miss Unison (H.H.S. teacher) has all the fellows she wants already. Was with the Loyal [?] Tues. night. Bertha and her man are at Fellers for a weeks stay. I have not seen them. The Hartford preacher goes with every girl he can get. He went with Rose Moyer until (as he says) he found her out. He had Mary Ann P. Tues. night. I believe that is all that would really interest you.

I like to get long letters--but I know how it is when one has lessons, so if you answer with a short one it will be perfectly alright. Understand it isn't that I don't like to get your nice, long interesting letters & I surely do.


P.S. Whenever I take a notion to write--I am going to do so. I will break the rules of etiquette & not go by turns--especially if I want to tell you something really bad. I know you will excuse me. HA!

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