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Home, Sun. eve. Oct. 9 -- '21

Dear Esther--

Will write a few words to you now, more because I have the opportunity than for any other reason. Mr. Whitesel has just taken Clark to train at Bluffton. Papa went along. Our car goes pretty good but lights are off somewhere. I can't keep track of its ailments. There was a foot-ball game between Purdue & Chicago, so Clark took that chance of coming home. He got off at Berne because the train does not stop at Geneva and walked to the first house N. of Snow's. It was raining so hard he had to stop. he said he almost froze out on the front porch, then he walked on to Snow's & 'phoned from there about breakfast time and then papa went & got him. He was up all night.

I have just been helping Lloyd with his Arith prob, would have had this letter finished if not been for that.

Your card that I got on Sat. was a much better report of how you've been feeling. Esther, the carpenters may finish this week. Now shall I say anything about the book case or seat at end of front room. Clark seems to have forgotten all about how it was to be & thot he was not capable of putting in that seat. So shall I ask carpenters to put book case on S. end of fire place & seat at North end? I will have to know, soon.

Our cattle came Sat. & papa, Clark, Mr. Lehman & Mr. W. went after them this (Sun) A.M.

Ruth had a great time at the Rec. of Freshmen. Now take good care of yourself. I must quit & go to bed as there is lots of work to do this week. Just lots.

Hope you keep well.

from Mamma

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