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Home. Friday eve. 7-45 o'clock

Dear Esther--

I wonder how you are feeling by this time. I did not get a letter from you today. -- really did not expect one as I suppose you were waiting to hear from me.

The more I think about your case the more I wish you would not put off the operation. I don't care if Luzadder does think it might be put off. Seems to me you've been feeling miserable about long enough. I think now that was your trouble when you were at school last spring. If you don't get to feeling pretty good before long I'm afraid I'll be on sick list. When I think how far away you are, & not well, i sometimes feel like telegraphing to you & having you come home immediately. I just got scared then that feeling wears off & I get busy with work & forget it for a while.

Ruth went to a reception of the Freshmen by the upper grades. Munro Felber took five or six girls & Ruth was one. I think, Ida & Clara & Lucile Martin & his sister. Guess that was all.

Well, I am kept pretty busy in the A.M. especially. The men (carpenters) are working here in the kitchen now. I tho't it would bother me awfully, but I seem to get along real well. Guess I am getting used to it.

Well, my cupboards look fine so far, they have just a good start made & I still have no place to put a kettle or pan.

I will look for a letter from you tomorrow sure. I am writing to you tonight just to pass away time. Do you sleep good?

Have not heard from Clark this week.

We will get a car load of cattle in the A.M. from Chicago. Well, good night, from


If you come home soon bring trunk with most clothes.

Sat. A.M. Just got word that Clark is in Geneva.

Papa is going after him, before breakfast.

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