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Home, Oct. 5 -- Wed. eve.

Dear Esther--

Your letter of yesterday (Oct. 4) is in my lap, but before I refer to any thing in it, I will tell you about my "call" on Dr. Hinchman. I went immediately after dinner and found him in. He said he tho't the service you would receive at Lutheran Hospital would be first class & there were three Drs. there who were all first class, he said he scarcely had a choice, and a lady there gives the anesthetic, she has done it for years and does nothing else. He said you would get as good treatment there as at Indianapolis. Seemed to not think it at all necessary for him to go with us, yet if we wished he would go along.

I feel like telling you to come right home & go to Ft. Wayne & have it over with. Is your schooling (studying) under present conditions doing you any good? or do you worry & feel miserable most of time. Dr. Hinchman said "Why, she'll not go right back to school will she? I said no, that the I.U. physician said for you to rest 4 or 6 weeks & she seemed to think that would be the right thing to do. Dr. Hinchman does not like calomel & salts as a medocine, especially salts. In case you waited till Xmas would you live on a milk diet & take calomel & salts until then? I think that would be very unpleasant. I forgot to ask Hinchman the cost. but may be I can yet over phone, before this letter is mailed.

You see if you would go to Ft. Wayne, i could go back and forth several times & you know a few people there & in Indianapolis I fear you would find it awfully lonesome even for a week or two. I know what it means to lay in bed for several days & not a person you know come to see you.

Now, whether you come home now & be operated you will have to decide. If you can keep up with studies & feel pretty good or just the opposite, you will know better than I. But I feel so anxious, seems to me I can't wait that long. Your special delivery did not scare me for I never knew it was one till now. It came thru mail-box same as any other, yet it left Bloomington at - 11-30 last night & we got it at noon today. But don't think any thing was done at this end of line to hurry it along.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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