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Dear Esther--

Both of your letters came this noon and I read them in the order you wished me to. I have your letter before me & have studied it quite carefully. Of course it would suit me better for you to go to Ft. Wayne. We could go see you often & keep you from getting lonesome & I feel quite at home there, but if you feel better satisfied with the services at Indianapolis -- I mean if you have more confidence in the Dr. that Mrs--(Luck) the I.U. Dr. might make appointment with, then maybe it would be best to have her make all arrangements for you & papa & I or one of us meet you there & I could stay several days with you& then do as you say let papa come after you later.

The thought just entered my head that since Hinchman came from Indianapolis himself it would be worth my while to go talk with him.

I can go immediately after dinner tomorrow (Wed.) and will write to you again tomorrow night.

I want you cared for as soon as possible for I am just as anxious as you are to have you O.K. again.

I will have the carpenters (four) for dinner tomorrow, so I'll go to town just after dinner.

With love -- from

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