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216 Waldron St.
October 3, 1921

Dear Sister,

Yesterday was a clowdy gloomy day but today is an ideal fall day, scattered white clouds drifting across the deep blue sky with a north west wind that puts the joy of living into a persons soul, just sharp enough to fill one with ambition to do things and just warm enuf to be comfortable.

I would like to wait until I have the returns from all of my exams be fore I write to you but it would be quite a while because they are coming steadily now two and three a week but i will wait until I have made the rounds before I will send you any of my grades.

Two of last years seniors are back here taking their masters work now and Orvil Williams is here over the weekend. Two new pledges just moved in and another one will this week so you see things are moving.

I was elected secretary of the Ag society Tuesday evening and as the annual drive on the freshmen is to be made soon there is a lot of work connected with it. As assistant editor of the "Agathorian" I have about all of the work on that to do and taking it all around I am, have been, and will continue to be pretty busy.

I have a 1 oclock off today is the reason I am writing now and then I go to Soils lab. or "Agronomy 1" for 2 hours. Papa wrote a letter a week ago Sunday and it was overlooked until Thursday when Mamma found it and added some more and sent it on to me. I got it Sat. morn.

I wish that you could have been here Saturday to see the Junior-Senior Parade on Stewart field. It was a beautiful sight.

With love

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