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Geneva, Indiana
Oct - 2 - 1921

Miss Esther Munro.

Dear Friend: I don't believe I'm using any forward expression and I hope you will not think this act out of place, that is by me dropping you this letter that is if it reaches you. I don't know your address, but will risk sending this to you.

Having cooler weather at present we will soon have frost, and the winter evenings will soon be here.

Seems the last wk I don't know why I've been thinking about you in a way.

I was wanting to know if you would care to correspond with me in letter writing of course if you have a steady friend I would not want to step ahead of him in the least. I don't aim to be that way. But I noticed the Hartford boys doesn't seem to be anxious to gain a close fellowship with you they might have gotten stung. Ha! Ha! But I don't believe I stepped in their pathway, unless I don't know everything. If Richard G. is first I don't want to break any friendship. My motto among the young folks seems to be "Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you." Breaking a heart thats in love isn't the best, that is if they are in the right.

If you aren't busy and would care to I would be glad to hear from you. You know me to a large extent and I know you enough that I thought I would be safe in writing to you and hear your thoughts on the subject. I was aiming to talk to you before you left but it seemed that it was best not to.

I will never destroy your character in any way that I'm able to help, instead I'll try to give you a helping everyready hand whatever will ever confront you. If your parents is in an attitude that you shouldn't write or associate with me in any way, obey them first they might see best for you and if there is Love in the fellowship God will open the way for every one who believes in him.

and if you cannot feel it in your business to write, my friendship will remain just as loyal, my handclasp just as warm. I'll not put you under any obligations to me go or associate with whom you please but if our Friendship grows together sometime I will tell you why I write.

Your friend,
Fred A. Reffe, Geneva Rt 3

P.S. May I trust you that you will not spread this what I have done. Hope to hear from you soon.

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