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Home. Oct. 2--1921. Sun. eve.

Dear Esther--

Papa has just written to Clark and then add. and stamped an envelope for you & said [all] I'd have to do would be to write the letter.

Yes, Warren is gaining in reading. We have him study at home every evening. I think he has failed just one eve. and that was because he failed to bring his book home. We make him study but I don't know whether Ruth is learning anything or not. I know she don't do much studying.

Did you get your celery? and what kind of condition was it in. I did not have enough "stuff" to pack it in the bag to hold it in shape. So at last min. I told papa now was my chance to send you some celery. He got it fir me & I only half washed it because I had lost all those little brushes. Then I tho't bread & butter would go well with celery. Then stuck that in.

The carpenters were here Fri. P. M. & Sat. Tomorrow I'll have to wash & cook for them. Can I do it I wonder. How did you & Clark say the flooring of N. room was to be laid? Straight lengthwise or partly round & round? Let me know soon for they will be at it soon & I have forgotten what you kids said. He advises us not to have the folding french doors. Said they caused so much trouble, always getting out of order.

I got desperate last Sat. morn (yesterday) and went to see some woman that would sew for me. Went to Mrs. Odles then Mrs. Bradford (both refused) then was going to see another but as we were in Mrs. Lindsey's neighborhood, I said to papa lets try her, she can't any more than refuse. & sure enough it paid to go there, so Sat. Ruth & I went to have her measure taken. She will make her a school dress this week.

How is your side feeling now, and can you eat pickles? Have just made some ripe sweet cucumber pickles. Josephine Martin has gained eight pounds since going there.

I believe I'll not write any more this time. Think there will be more to tell the next time. The carpenters haven't done much yet, furnace is not all in, no more work has been done on pluming. The yard light blew off of post last Fri. night, when wind blew somewhat hard. Flies are just as bad as ever. Kitchen door was out (also screen) all day yesterday. Hoping to hear from you soon. I'll close. from


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