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Lafayette Indiana
September 24, 1921

Dear Sister:

Received your letter last week and as it is 40 minutes till breakfast time I might as well use this time.

Friday evening at 4PM there was a big "pep fest" on Stewart Field. I guess they had a great old time but I didn't go. I had some work to do, more important than a pep fest.

Friday evening at 730 there was a big social at the Christian Church. I went to that, there were about 230 men and 170 women present. I got a partner (lady partner I mean) when the refreshments were served and when it came time to go home I escorted her home. It was very convenient for me for she lived on this side altho I did not know it at the time I asked to escort her home. Incidentally she invited me to come back some time. I should judge that she is 21 years old about 5' 5 1/2" tall and weighs 120 lbs. She is an interesting talker and a good listener. But whether I shall go back or not depends entirely upon the whims of my fickle disposition on week ends.

Yes Si Wilson is at school at I.U. No one knows why or what for not even he himself.

School work is keeping me rather busy and will continue to do so from now on. I've had one examination so far, hit it good, next one comes Friday. It is the first Organic Chemistry test of the year and it is where I intend to get a running start in Chem. 29.

Jordan, Goodale, and myself went to a movie last nite and just about got soaked coming home, we had a big rain last night. Before we came home we priced some gabardine rain coats and they run from $25 to $45. They are a wonderful coat but they represent too many bushels of corn.


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