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Bourbon, Ind.
Sept 24--1921.

Dear Miss Hiatt:

You don't know how glad I was to hear from you. I have thought of you so many times this summer and wondered if you were going back to Bloomington. You see I am just bright enough to forget your address and did not know where to get you. But I thought when I went to Huntington that I was getting down in your direction and intended to look you up as soon as I became rightly organized.

You see I had a lovely position in William St. School in Huntington, fifth grade. I had thirty-one pupils and everything going fine. Salary $150. per mo. I taught two weeks and took sick, such awful head trouble. the doctor there told me I must quit and take an entire rest, mentally and physically, or no medicine would do me good. I felt like I wanted to see our doctor so I came home Wed. to hear him say, "You have had five years of the most strenuous work I ever knew a woman of your age to carry through, the long illness of Mr. Craig the death, then college, and now the school room. you are over worked and you must rest mentally, if you could only decide to give up teaching for this year and rest it will mean health for you, where if you go on you may ruin your health."

So I have sent in my resignation. And I, Mrs. Craig, am resting doing nothing but sitting in the rocker and lying on the cot -- but the cot sees most of me as my head is more leve there than any where else, sometimes when I walk I go this way [serpentine line] and bump into things, like drunk men used to do when our good old U.S.A. was wet.

Seward has a good position in Indianapolis, in the Manual Training High School, has 122 pupils, is teaching Eng. has five classes, and three preparations he gets $1950. with an advance of $150. good for the "kid" don't you think?

I wish I could sample those piclkes you are making.

I hope your health is inmproving.

Are you going to [Ill. ?} in Jan.?

Mary Martin wrote me that she is back again.

Remember me to Esther, she sure is a lovable girl.

Much love to you.

Let me hear from you again.

Excuse my writing, I am getting awfully tired and will hit the cot.

Mrs. Craig.

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