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[This letter was enclosed with a letter from Clark.]

Geneva, Sep.

Dear Esther--

Guess I'll have to write to you on such occasions as this or I'll never write. The furnace men have just gone home and it is -11-30. A.M. So you may know I had dinner almost ready for them. There were three of them here for dinner yesterday. They have done all they can do until carpenters get the floor laid. They are surely nice men (like all the rest of Berne men) and I believe are doing us a good job. The younger one of the two, I believe he is single & I know he is homely (Do you remember him?) plays on the saxophone. I said they are rather costly aren't they? & he said, O not so very. Then he said, I 'aid $170. for mine. & I said goodness me! I call that costly, and I told him I had been trying to get some flower pots. But they did not have what I wanted at Geneva & our car was out of fix, so could no where else to get them. Then he said "I believe I could get them in Berne," so I said bring them out with you in the A.M. and I'll so glad to get them. so when evening came he wanted to know how many I wanted & the size. I said 5 & 6 in. pots & about 20. so sure enough he brought them the next A.M. said they might not suit as they were somewhat discolored (had been in a fire sometime) but if I did not want them he would take them back. I thought they would surely be 15 apiece (or maybe 20) so had papa lay out $4.00. But he said I could have the lot for $1.59 which is 7 1/2 a piece. They are not much discolored either.

As papa was picking tomatoes yesterday he almost stepped on a great big female rat. I think now that was the cause of noise in "out-house" and why so many tomatoes were eaten into.

The carpenters have not appeared yet, neither the electric-light man. Nothing has been done since either of you left but most of work on furnace.

Mr. Busche was here one day this week, wanting to start a sort of community meeting. But he said Mr. Huff seemed to be more opposed than otherwise. Papa wished him success but did not know how to help him. I told papa I was sorry I did not know who it was or object of visit. I think I would liked to have talked to him anyhow.

Mr. Martins are just finishing their clover hulling then they come here. I suppose I'll have Mr. Felber and Son here for supper, but they can not finish us this P.M. as it is four o'clock now and machine is not here yet.

Yes, Esther, I was glad you wrote to me later about your side. How long will you need to diet? I wish you had asked the Dr. about your neck (& wart) when you went to see him. Hope I can send you some chicken some sweet day, as that seems to be all the kind of meat you can have.

Clark, I have the box the type-writer came in & all the little fixtures so some of these rainy days papa may pack it up & send it to you. You said not to forget your brown pants, so you mean the Kahki (did I spell it right?)

Warren studies his reading pretty good. Don't look for those book-reports until you see them coming. Ruth never mentions them.

Sat noon.

Well, this letter is not gone yet. Don't seem to have any time for letter writing.

Well, this A.M. the Felber men came then Mr. Neusbaum (carpenter) (he went away again) then Papa tried to get men here to hull clover but Guess Neucomers didn't hear whistle, then three electric light men then one man. I'd think I'd have 10 men for dinner then I'd cut it down to four then back to 8 & so on. It finally turned out to be 2 electric-men, Martin, Mr. & son Felber & papa.

The carpenters will be here next Wed or Thurs. Say, Clark, how did you & Esther say the flooring to front room was supposed to be laid? All length wise or round & round. Now let me know soon.

Yes Clark you can get the kids some black & yellow skull caps. Will try to send your laundry cases to you both next Mon. Papa is so busy & so am I that we have neglected to send them.

Lloyd has made two shocks of pop corn.

I think it would be nice & wise, Esther, for you to have name put on watch.

Clark, I'll add this to you & you send to Esther immediately please, & save writing some things twice. Send caps soon. Also, will have electric lights by night. Have same men as Martin's did.

With love--from Mamma.

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