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Geneva, Indiana.
September 22, '21.

Gen Dear Sister,

(I forgot how to begin a letter.) The superintendent's name is Oswalt he is from Wabash Ind. and goes home every week end. I am taking five subjects that are; Physics, U.S. History, English, Latin, and Physical Geog. Isn't that enough? And I will have my first book report ready to copy to hand in by Monday. Mr. Stricker teaches me History & Physics, Miss Glendening Latin & English, and Oswalt P. Geg.

Just think! I am going without any dinner and eating my supper. I am going to start in being weighed Sunday. And our cattle have come but not the ones that papa would like to have. The mamma got a letter from Katherine G. and Clark's picture. Mamma wrote to Marshes today and told them that we would be over here Sunday. The next day after papa cleaned out the silo papa found 22 rats large & small. Mamma got to see them but I didn't. he killed those then the next day there were about 12 in all then still the next day there were a large number. That silo seems to be a good rat trap.

Now come about school. There is a boy (a scout) that has been coming to school and has been is a Sophomore. Then last Wednesday when we Initiated the Freshmen the Lockwood boy (scout) with Donald's help hid the wheel barrow that we were going to initiate the Freshmen with. I guess the scout did it for pure meanness. Ray Thomas, who is a neighbor of the scouts, said that the scout threatened to kill his own mother to Ray Thomas. Well every body is afraid of him and is the talk of the school. We are going to have a lecture course at school and I have to see that 15 season tickets are sold. They are $1.50 for 1 season ticket and last yea they were $2.00 for a season ticket so I hope I can sell all of mine.

* * * * * * * * * * *
9:15 (evening)--

[Ruth's letter ends here, and Mamma finishes.]

I see Ruth (as usual) has not finished her letter. We all went over to Frank Marshes yesterday. Ben's family & house keeper (a young widow) was there also. I had a good time but it was all spoiled when Mrs. Marsh told me how Ben had been chasing around with the women, & not very nice women either & it worked on my nerves so, I could not sleep good last night.

Well, I must hurry or mail-man will beat.

[Enclosed in the letter is another letter on a half-sheet, started by one of the younger boys, presumably and again, finished by Mamma.]

Geneva Ind.

Sept 11, 91 19221

Dear Esther,

I have been glad to go to school this year, because a new kind of book.

I have the same teacher [that] I had last year.

[Mamma continues.]

Mon. Eve. You will not know where to begin this letter or where it ends. I tho't while Papa & Clare Shoemaker were eating dinner I'd finish Ruthie's letter; but a glance at the clock told me the mailman would be here too soon, so I quit and eat dinner with them. We are hulling clover. Were at it all P.M. and will be at it all day tomorrow. I have not washed yet, and will have 4 or 5 men tomorrow for dinner then we expect to fill the S. silo the last of the week.

Ruth came home this eve and said Ingram Carnes & wife have a baby. They have been married scarcely four months. What's the world coming to any how? I have lengthened your suit skirt one inch & lengthened belt the same & wear it wherever I go. Did Luella stay in Indianapolis?

Much love--Mamma.

1. Based on the context (Mamma telling Esther that she will not know where the letter begins or ends), I assume Warren got the date wrong, and that this was not actually a later letter that was tucked into the envelope by mistake. Warren would have been seven years old at the time, so a mistake like that makes sense.

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