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Geneva, Ind.,
Sept. 22, 1921.

Dear Esther,

It seemed so nice to get a letter from you. Everything is so dead around here _____ it seems since you left there is no one at all to see and you know how often I got to see you. But I do not aim to make you home sick.

I walked to the mail box this A.M. and oh! I thought how happy I should be that I can enjoy these beautiful days. After I got back in the house my mood began to change. I think one feels so happy out alone during a nice fall day. But the wind has blown hard all day _____ I thought what if a car comes along I certainly will feel self conscious for I had them rolled. You know how finicky people are around here. They naturally watch college co-eds rather close any way.

I imagine you are settled down and working as hard as you always have. I don't believe you have a snap course. History is so much reading and I won't say anything about the work in Math. I never took Education but someone said the book reading was dry and difficult. Here I am _____ writing as if I were trying to discourage you _____ but Esther _____ I don't mean it that way at all _____ even though "I am lettin' on."

It certainly does feel good to see someone you know. For instance Me. HA! "But you know what I mean." So you saw C. Willis and harold. It is fine to see someone who is really from around home especially.

I do not know whether to discuss your room mate or not. I was glad to hear about her any way. It is true what you said about a person not being refined that used slang. I don't care to hear people use such language myself. These popular sayings _____ like "I say" _____ are as bad as any swearing word too _____ according to my notion. It is mighty fine of your room mate appreciating what other people do for her. I hope you almost fall in love with her (HA!) so you can enjoy the year better. It is so nice when one has a friend in or near the same house.

Oh! I can find more than I ought to do around this place. You remember the Seldom Rest Farm _____ well, I guess I should call this the Never Rest Farm. I have been leaving part of teh work go for I saw I could not stand it. After I catch up once with everything _____ I believe I will not be so busy. I want to get the house in perfect order and I just have to sew some at least. But -- Esther, i am not going to do like Dorothy _____ work all the time and miss pleasures when I get a good chance. I don't believe in people getting old and losing all their pride. Of course, I like Dorothy _____ she's a good girl _____ as you know but when she has a chance for a good time _____ unless it's church work _____ she says "I just haven't time." Church work is all right but too much is too much _____ I know you feel the same as I do about it. Dorothy was down to tent meeting every night almost. I was there one night and I said to her, "You come over and stay a couple of days with me sometime, won't you?" My, she did cut me off short _____ probably she did notmean it that way but nevertheless she soon told me she hadn't time. I did not mean to take her away from her work that way but if I do all the work alone here _____ I thought she never gets off _____ she could surely come once. Of course _____ I hope she did not mean it cross _____ I certainly will keep still from now on. Someone said they moved last Tuesday _____ I never heard anything from them and I don't expect to hear either. But I like her just the same as far or as much as I ever did. Probably I should have not told you this but you can see how people are here _____ and then contrast with at I.U.

This is Katherine's second week of school. I saw her last week end and she seems to like it fine. She is surely going to have work to do. Has every period of teh day occupied besides one. It is difficult work in a school just starting up. There are scholars from every High School around almost _____ even some Catholics from Fr. Wayne. She has two seniors -- a boy and a girl. There are more scholars over there than at Central _____ I cannot recall the number. Daddy and I are going after her to-morrow evening so I will see what she has to say then. School is all she talked abotu last week end _____ oh! I did get tired listening _____ well, I got so tired I stopped listening. I wished for you to be here so you could help me out. HA!

I want you to get this letter on Saturday as I think one feels so blue if one gets no mail on that day.

I wanted to save room to tell you about some of the things this Benar (?) the evangalist at tent meeting talked about but room. I did not agree with him on lots of points -- I know you would not either. He talked about the brainless preachers coming from college with polished brains. I believe he did not believe in educatino. He did give it to theatre goers and to dancing. Such people are dancing straight to hell. Oh! my, you should have heard him _____ it made me oh! almost angry.

If you will pardon me _____ I will not go up-stairs after another sheet of paper.


The more I thought about the way Benar talked the angrier I got. One man told him once, "Oh! Yes, you don't dare go to theatres." Benar answered, "Change the d to a c _____ I don't care to go." Is that not one for you. Can't people be broad enough to see a good show is educational. He tried to scare the people into religion. One girl (at some place) went to the alter to get saved. She hadn't any too many clothes on _____ I guess a georgette waist. She could not get it. Benar said, "Does any one have a shawl in this crowd?" He threw a shawl over her and she got it right away. HA! Do you believe that? Oh! he did give it to powder, paint, and rats. HA! I said -- yes he did not give it to men _____ he just picked on the women and the women sat there and took it all in and even hollered "A-men _____ A-men." you know hwo they do at rivival meetings. Even Rev. Benar came to talk to me the first night I was there. Oh! Esther I was so disgusted. No, I did not go back. There is nothing nicer than to join a big church. _____ but oh! not a holy roller church or _____ well -- what's the use of livin! But I never want to catch you dancing or we will be on our way to _ _ _ _. I have an idea if you start I will follow.

Well, the truck is coming. I must start supper.

If I hear any important news I will write even though I do not get an answer before hand.

With oodles of good luck for you
I remain your friend,

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