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Home, Sep. 18 -- '21

Dear Esther--

While the autos are humming past, and there seems to be a continual hum, I'll try to pin my mind down to letter writing. Papa is also at his accustomed "job" -- writing to Clark. Ruth is studying her geometry, Lloyd his math, Warren his reading. We are all in the dining room (the old kitchen) and it seems so much nicer than it was -- all because I swept up the [hive?] at S. end and scrubbed teh whole floor yesterday. Took out all the cooking utensils from N.W. corner and put machine there. We really look quite decent. The big kitty and little black kittie are just romping from one end of room to other, makign the biggest racket. Mrs. Whitsel took home two with her last eve. and she surely makes over them in great shape. Lets them sleep on her lap and lays them on her bed.

We had an awful big rain & wind storm yester P.M. it came up about 2 o'clock and I never saw rain sweep down in such heavy gusts in my life I think. It rained in thru every W. and N. windows in the house & they were closed as tight as we could make them. Lightning struck an (unsound) elm tree near barn timber and tore it to splinters.

Am sorry you did not make more percale dresses, for I do not doubt they would come in handy for this fall and next spring.

You forgot to take the belt to your blue middy suit.

The meeting at Hartford are to close tonight we heard & I never got to go one night. The big storm of yesterday tore it (or blow) it down during the P.M. meeting and they had to meet in the church tonight & last night.

We all went over to Mrs. Newcomers this P.M. with Whitsel's. We could not go by ourselves anywhere because car is in garage & has been since Wed.
Had two furnace men for dinner last week the same day I washed. Will have furnace men this week, electric light men & don't know how many more Mon. eve.

The mail man was too smart for me yesterday. Got my washing done on Mon. this week. Was all done by noon except the starching & no men drove in for dinner, but they will tomorrow. The furnace men said they would be here on Mon. or Tues.

Do you want me to send you that light blue underskirt? It is all clean now.

I moved all around goose berry & current bushes this P.M. thern potted some plants then came in & washed dinner dishes justa s kids came home from school. I have worked very hard today yet am not tired.

Got a letter from Clark today. He wants type writer very badly. Have you realized that more than one week of your present term of school is gone?

My writing looks awful I don't know but I am using a very scratchy pen.

Well, I may send you a lunch some time this week.

Does your side hurt you any more? And do you feel fine or otherwise?

Good night.

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