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216 Waldron St.
Lafayette, Indiana
September 16, 1921

Dear Sister,

Yes I am all registered but have not made the rounds of the classes yet but that will all come in due time. My course this year makes me wish I cold just fade away into a dream until next year and yet have my work done. I do not see how I will ever be able to swallow the doses they are handing out to us Ags this year. I have "4" whole hours off during the whole week or 35 hours per week in classes and some of them very hard such as Chem. 29 or "Organic", Biology 18 or Bacteriaologyand Physics. Physics is a new course in the ag school and takes the place of one semester of English but it will be much harder as it is purely a technical scientific subject we have a big $4 book to cover in one semester. Agronomy 16 will not be hard but Agronomy 1 will be, it is Soil Physics. My A.H2 is much harder it deals with nutrition and feeding mostly while the lab is work on preparing the stock for show purposes, dipping stock etc. I've sure got my work cut out for me this year -- all I can chew.

Yes we are having somewhat of a rush week, so far we have pledged 4 freshmen and one Sophomore all fine fellows but we don't go about "rushing" as the sororities do. The Phi Beta Phis hired a big [Cadillac] Taxi for the week to carry their prospects to and from the house.

We had quite a shower today but it cleared off this afternoon beautifully. They are playing "Ain't We Got Fun" across teh street now and it brings back thots of yore. I haven't had any dates as yet it would probably be useless to call for one before next week. I almost feel too poor or too busy to bother with dates. Don't know what I will do about it.


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