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Home, Sep. 13 -- '21

Dear Esther--

Here I am at the same old job. Can scarcely realize you are gone for I've been so busy, have not had time "to miss" you except Sun. P.M. and then it was so lonesome. I tho't it would be a good way to pass the evening (to go down here to the camp-meeting) so I got Lloyd & Warren coaxed up to go then Ruth said she'd like to go but she should stay home & study. (She didn't do any in P.M.), but she finally decided to go. So all but Clark finally got out & seated in car & Papa cranked & cranked & c-r-a-n-k-e-d -- then Clark came out & cranked & it just would not move, then a man drove in in a Ford car & it proved to be Wayne Center. Papa's old friend & chum. Of course papa got out to stay & Clark got in expecting to take us in ccase car would go, but it would not. So we came in the house & as he is an interesting talker, we listened to him a while (you can imagine how much studying Ruth did). he and papa satyed up & talked till 1-30 A.M. He left about 9-30 mon A.M. He had scarcely drove out when a man came after seed wheat then when he was gone Richard came to get seed-wheat. I sewed on Clark's Robe all day yesterday and a part of this A.M.

Ben Pearson drove past here on way to Ill. Lillian is in insane hospital in Toledo, Ohio. He said she got much worse about three days after we were there. The Dr. advised him to take her there & had his doubts about her ever getting well. My, it makes me feel so bad. He did not drive in as he was in a hurry but just talked to papa along the road.

I canned 12 qts. tomatoes this P.M. Don't you think lots has happened since you were home Sun. A.M.? Mr. Seph Martin & wife stopped in on business, but both came in & looked at porch & front room & fireplace. He said we'd be surprised to see how small that room would look after it is furnished. Both said it was none too large.

Clark & Richard went thru Bluffton & no P.M. train goes thru Portland.

Believe mail man is not gone.

By by--



Yes, I was surprised to hear from you so soon.

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