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Rt. 2. Elwood Ind.

Dear Esther,

I suppose this will find ou at Mr. Hennel's. In some ways I would a little like to be there with you but the desire to be in the school room either teaching or going ot school is not as strong as usual. The prospect of gain in strength ismore attractive to me. I have gained quite a good deal since I saw you.

If you see any of my friends please remember me to them. Miss Rees thought she would probably be back again.

I expect to be cooking for silo fillers while you are getting off to college.

John Albert is toddling around a good deal. He is as busy as any body while awake and keeps one else employed most of the time watching. He is not bad, but his little mind and eyes are quite alert and active. He doesn't get up cross. A little nap brightens him up much.

Did you get Ruth along in her books? Ready for third year high school?

I suppose Clark felt the loss of president Stone though he may not have been acquainted with him.

Did you make chili sauce? I found a recipe I like pretty well. If you do not have any I can send it to you or your mother.

Tell Emma I watched for her every time I passed what I thought was her home. Give her my love. I should like to take some walks with you two this fall.

Seward is to teach at Indianapolis. I forget now which one --"The Tech"-- "Shortridge" or "Manual Training" I believe the latter. He hoped to get his mother in the city.

I shall be glad to have letters from you, but I don't mean you to spend much time on them -- just a scribble off the news -- hastily.

I hate to ask you to be at so much trouble to send my things, but I don't know how else to get them. I am sending a list on another sheet if you would please send them.

[Ed: There appears to be a sheet missing, as there is not a page numbered 3. I assume that was the piece of paper with the list on it.]

I wondered if my black coat would go in one of those fruit jar boxes I had there. The gloves and veils could be put in the pockets. I would like to have it insured for $20. The other things could just be rolled up in a package.

Any way you see to send them will be all right.

Don't hurry and worry to send them. I am in no hurry for them. I am sending the list now so you would know what to do with the others. I asked Mrs. Hennel if it would be all right to store them. if not she would pack them all up and send them by frieght. I would be much obliged. I would never have left things in such a mess if I had not fully expected to come back and take care of my self.

There are wrapping paper and cord in different boxes. If not enough if you will buy some any way, but don't hurry. (Some of the things could be dumped into the laundry bag and hung in the wood house.)

Mable Luis may want some of my high school classics I thought might be sent later when she gets the list. I asked her to get it right away if she could, so they cold be sent with some of these things.

Use any of my books you need. Your blue books are on the top shelf I think under my bible.

I thank you very much for the trouble I am causing you.


I spoiled my fountain pen this evening before leaving and left it at the book store for repair. Minette was to call for it. It had to be sent to the factory but I didn't want it sent, and asked the University Book Store to keep and see if you would not get it. It is a Moore's Non-breakable one. Would you mind getting it and keeping there.

If you want my broad black straw sailor to wear on hikes just use it. It is in a sack. If it will be any easier getting rid of my other black strak hat by loosening th eribbon on it and throwing it away do so. The other ribbon is all I want, the others can be put in the laundry bag and hung up. The velvet is all I want of them. The stockingings in the lower commode drawer and things in the boxes in the big closet could be put in the laundry bag too.

I am sending a check for two dollars ($2). If that doesn't pay the expenses let me know.

I hope youhave a fine time this year.

Sincerely with love

Find the check in the envelope.

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