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Geneva, Ind.,
May 8, 1921.

Dear Esther,

It seems as if I am writing to a strange girl instead of one that I have been with so much. You know, I have not seen you for a long, long time. It really would feel strange to see you again. I suppose you will spend your summer vacation at home, any way.

I am out here on the front porch writing this. To-day is wonderful and, I imagine, you will wish to be home in such beautiful weather. The lawn is gettin gso wonderful again. But from your letter I discover that you fully enjoy such weather. Oh! No, we have not started to clean house yet. Just behind the styles, I guess. Ha! We may start Monday. Just to surprise Tressie. You may get to see her in Bloomington the first of the week. She will be down there a couple of days.

Yes, when i got yoru last letter my sweet peas were up already. They are starting to climb now. All my flowers ought to be set out but I haven't the beds made yet. I am going to have a flower arbor out where the well used to be. You should see the geraniums that we got at the Portland green house. They are blooming so lovely.

The children scarcely know what to do since school is out. They sleep over half the time. HA! No one feels like doing a thing. I hope it is not the spring fever. Alva was over one evening. He said he had it. I told him if it were catching I wanted him to stay away.

I was in to visit G.H.S. Thursday! All school memories were, of course, brought to mind. also attended their baccalaureate and class might. My, but the H.S. scholars are mean. Some of their seniors said, "We should worry. Exams are over." But they did not act frightened.

I suppose you know that Lester Reynolds is married. Married an awfully young girl from Berne. He is up at Angola now. Some one said his wife was up there too, but I know, at least, that they are not living or rooming together. It was a shock about Nola Schauff, ws it not? Alva is up now but is not very well. I sometimes wonder whether he cares much about living. Someone said Dale and his wife do not get along together at all. I do not doubt it but yet there are so many untrughs and gossip going on around here -- one dares not and must not believe all one hears. I sometimes wonder how people are so low to start so many untrue things. People here surely need to attend to their own business for they are perfect by no means. It is a terrible thing to talk about people that way but it is frightful the way people are. Understand I hope for things bettered and I am not at all pessimistic on the world. But I want to yet add that I no longer believe in being two faced. Why do people not speak the truth? If any one has any thing to say I want them to come to my face with it. I am sure you feel the same since you have studied Psy. etc. Ha! Well, I will not write a book on this subject.

I do almost as bad as you when I start a letter. I have gotten up from here every so many times.

I hope you are still enjoying yourself. Don't work to hard.

I suppose you are seeing all the latest spring styles during this kind of weather. The papers all squack at woman's dress. I don't think people dress half as bad as in earlier times -- you know what I mean. Oh you know how I love to study styles -- you know, I mean womens' styles.

With best wishes.


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