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216 Waldron St.
W. Lafayette Ind.
April 11, 1921

Dear Sister,

I received your little bob-tailed letter this noon and you said to answer P.D.Q.

I might say that I never write long letters no matter how much time I have so don't expect any such from me. you can tell Mamma to wear almost anything there will not be any formal functions of any kind on Mothers Day. There will be a special programme at Church in the morning then dinner and just visit all afternoon.

As to the House party there is an informal dance Friday night to start the House Party off there will be about as many girls here that do not dance as there are that do so if you do not care to dance you will not be the only one by a long ways but you must be here for the dinner Friday evening. I know that you can cut oen class or so without flunking any subjects and you must not (absolutely) even think about a single lesson, nor bring a book with you.

When is school out at I.U. for the summer vacation.

One of the fellows at the house, Mr. Jordan, has a friend at I.U. that is coming down to the House Party here it might be well for you to look her up and perhaps come down with her. I believe her name is Miss (either Edna or Margaret) Shilling she is a Senior. Some of the boys have invited their best girls, some their sisters, and some will have Co-Eds becaues it will be cheaper and perhaps more convenient at any rate I want you to come.

Your Brother

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