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Geneva Indiana
April 2, 1921.

Dear Sister,

I don't know just what to say first. The farm work is getting along alright. The horses are just like colts, the men can hardly hold them. Lloyd's a reading some kind of story out loud that no one wants to hear. Well the kids are out of school and both promoted. Lloyd said that Stricker would not teach here next year, I think they lost a good teacher. (Must go to bed.)

Sunday evening, Papa is the only good one in this house, since he is the only one that went to church & that was in town. Whitsels had quite a bit of company, but Lloyd had Marcus and John Stahly here. They were the only ones here. We have had the pleasantest, nicest weather for the last two or three days. I have been wanting to go to school the last month, but there is no way to go.

Papa talked with Mr. Huff a few minutes and he said it would be all right for either you or Clark to tutor me this summer. Of course I would have to pass an examination before I entered school. My! I was glad to hear I would not have to drop behind. Joe & Papa have torn the front porch away ready to work on the house or underneath it.

In order to save the pork mamma & papa & I can 13 quarts just yester day. Mamma is so proud of her flowers (only they are not in bloom yet). She says there is a narcissis that will be in bloom tomorrow (some prophets). There is one thing I know that you will be surprised to hear & that is a part of our windmill came down. And there is another thing to be surprised at & that is that I am not chewing off my finger nails.

Then about that snake, Papa said the discription is like the diamond rattler so be careful when you go on those hikes. papa doesn't know why you didn't hear it [rattle] if it is what Papa thinks it is.

[Added by Mamma]

Did you find out what kind of snake it was? I think if it was a rattler you had better be mroe cautious. Do you think it was wise to get the type writer. Lloyd wanted a graphaphone when in bed with fever, but I told him we'd have no place to keep it while fixing house, so we compromised by getting the type-writer.

Esther, if i plan on going ot LaFayette on Mother's' Day what clothes should I get, a suit? Or would a nice dress be better? I wish you were here to help pick out a hat. Ruth & I will have to stay at home until we get some more clothes.

Lloyd & Warren's school was out last Friday. When will you need you gingham dress? This is a poor letter to you in return for your nice long & interesting one, but I seem to be unfiit for letter writing tonight. Can't think of anything that would be interesting to you. May write more tomorrow A.M.

Good by from--


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