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216 Waldron Street
March 31, 1921

Dear Sister:--

I have almost forgotten about you in the rush of things aruond here. A great burden is off my mind. Initiation is over, I am now a member of the Agathon. There is lots I should tell you, lots to tell but I have been [letting] my work slide this week and it is up to me to catch up. My grades will be somewhat lower this month than last but now I will have a little more time to put on my work. I was supposed to make a 7 minute talk at the Forum debating society tonight but I didn't have to do that on account of the initiation here but I suppose I will have to make up for last time next Thursday night.

I suppose Lloyd has written to you with the new typewriter he is quit efficient and uses the red ink for words he wants to emphasise. Is there any time during April that you have a vacation. I would like to go home sometime before June and if I go I wish you could be home at the same time. Still it is only two months until vacation and it would hardly be worth while if the folks come down to Mothers day and you came down to the house party.

Probation is over and I feel like a bird just let out of a cage, I don't know how to act.

Well I must stop and go to bed, because I have a hard day tomorrow and it is getting late.

With love


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