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Geneva Indiana
March 27, 1921.

Dear Esther,

I am just trying this out. The kids are hanging around me so that I can hardly write. this morning is awful gloomy. It is raining of and on all the time. Yesterday miss. Thomas and Lucile and Florence were down here to visit with me. We got our typewriter yesterday afternoon and you ought to have seen the kids, I eat next to nothing, so papa got some ice cream (50 a brick). I am afraid you will not know me I am getting so thin. I weight 130 lbs.

We got your rabbits all OK. I am eating mine while I write. I guess I will tell how i got along at the hosp. I went monday afternoon with my right foot swelled some. I could not walk on it. When i got there I went right straight to bed. I have been telling everybody that I had a good time. The nurses and doctors were so good there. there was a nurse there by the name of Miss. Hercules and I liked her just fine. She knows Aunt Bell Marr. She was born in Chatsworth, she also knows Bertha and Ada Munro quite well. While I was there I could not put the spoon in my mouth, my neck was so stiff. I was put clea to sleep. I could. They gave me the hypodermic but not in time. If you were home I could tell you all about it. but I can talk pretty good now. Mrs. Whitsel is here now, came up [thru] all this rain. Monday morning, It got cold enough last night to snow some. I am feeling better this morning, because papa got me some new medicine Sat. Jjust think Lloyd's school will be out this week. I wish you were home, it is so lonesome. We got those flowers all ok, but were very wilty. We or rather I got a picture from Aunt Alida that none of us know any thing about. She did not send any word with it. There is two mistake on here that is made by takeing the paper in and out.

Mamma's flowers are about ready to bloom and snow is on them now. This thing uses such little bit of paper that I can't use up this sheet. Well that is about all I can think of.

Your sister, RUTH

[Added by Mamma]

Dear Esther--

The kids sure have a good time with the type-writer. When they were sick with the fever they wanted a phonograph, but it was almost impossible to get one, could not in Geneva & could noot go to see or hear one on account of quarantine & then I also said we had no good place to keep one while we were fixing the house over. But a type-writer could easily be moved and everyone in house could make use of it & (it was cheaper) Lloyd was just wild for one, so we got that for them. They all wanted to use it at the same time so we allowed each one an hour apiece. Even arren uses it.

now about your sweater. I washed it last Friday. The wind was blowign & I thought it a good time to dry it and it was. But it looked just awful in water, dirty, greasy & I hardly know what, seemed to wash clean in spots. So I washed it in second water and it looked bretter; had it not been so late in the day would have washed it the third time. Would wash it again, but papa thinks you may need it & that I'd better send it. It is much cleaner anyhow and should you think it needs another washing send it back sometime again. I think it will wash easier now that the "filling" is out, I suppose that was what it was.

Ruth is feeling pretty good this A.M. but has no appetite yet; but believe she will in a few days.

The kids have their rabbits eaten up. Ruth ate at hers when she would touch nothing else. Flowers looked wilted, but I now know what they are like. Think now that I saw some magnolias in Los Angeles but didn't know what they were at the time. Our rose bushes you sent are green yet also star flower plants.

Am anxious for you and Clark to come home to day. Still there is scarlet fever in neighborhood. Forest Shoemaker has it.

With love--



A $9.00 check is enclosed.

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