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Geneva, Ind.
M'ch. 20 -- '21

Dear Esther:--

If I can yet get this pencil to work, I'll write a letter to you; but if not -- you'll not hear from me immediately.

I have spent this day as usual, -- made three pies this A.M. had lettuce, sausage, boiled potatoes & apple pie for dinner. Then washed dishes and took a nice long nap on downstair bed then got up and put on clean dress and new shoes, then Papa, Ruth, Warren & I went out and counted 21 Tulip plants (I planted 22) and six Hyacinths and I believe two narcissus (both white). Those star plants & rose bushes came in excellent condition, did not wilt. They are O.K. yet I think if we keep steadily at it we will have some flowers here sometime. Everything is leafing (or nearly) out so early I am afraid they will be caught yet, for we are certainly having it very warm for March.

how did the cookies & pies carry? Were they soaked by the butter, and did you see the bottle of Boullon cubes in the wrapping paper? now that butter may get strong enough after having salt in it. Give Mrs. Hennel a part rather than let it get strong. I do not know just when I can send more as we are not getting much cream now.

Well I suppose before you hear from me again, Ruth will have had her tonsils out. I dread the ordeal awfully, for she says I have to stay Ft. Wayne as long as she does, & that means to be with strangers in a strange city. We have to leave tomorrow P.M. to be sure to be there by 7 o'clock Tues. A.M.

Esther, I believe you'd better not come home Easter. I am a little afraid for you to come on account of Scarlet fever. Of course we fumigated the best we could; but I want to wash everything that can be washed and do a whole lot of airing of things before either you or Clark come home. The weather has been too rainy or threatening for me to wash many bed-clothes, besides there seems to be scarlet-fever here & there near us yet. From what I hear some people are very careless in their way of fumigating. So you both had better not come home until we tell you to. Ruth thinks its just awful, but I tell her its all for the best. Be sure to thank Mrs. Hennel for those plants (for me). It's not supposed to be the sign of "luck" but I'll risk it. I see no reason why they should not do well.

(at top)

I will be so glad when you and Clark are at home. It has been such a lonesome winter. I have lost all trace of the young people & old too for that matter. Mrs. Whitesel is the only woman I've visited with since you were home. I've been to town twice; but it was in the A.M. both times & I saw almost no one. Well --

bye for the present from

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