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Geneva Indiana
March 20, 1921

Dear Sister,

This is certainly March weather, it has been blowing hard all day long & last evening. By this time tomorrow I 'spect I will be going to Ft. Wayne, but the operation will be in the morning. Papa went to S.S.

Yesterday mamma, papa, & I went to town. All three of us got a pair of shoes. My shoes are as pretty as they can be. They cost, $6.48. They are ox-blood for color, mamma's are black for $5.95. And both are dress shoes. I've got mine on. Mamma got herself a silk waist. I think it is real pretty.

The roads are much better now than they used to be. They have been grading it & grading it while it was drying. The men folks are getting along splendedly with the farm. Of course we have been having nice warm weather but I'm afraid it will turn cold and then spoil the fruit.

It is the lonesomest Sunday, I wish you were here.

[Added by Mamma]

Mon. A.M.

Ruth has rheumatism so badly in her ankle she may not be able to go to Ft. Wayne. I doubt it very much right now. Seems to have it like I did.

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