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216 Waldron Street
W. Lafayette, Indiana
March 16, 1921

Dear Sister:

I suppose you think I have entirely forgotten you and with good reasons too but I haven't that is not entirely absolutely. Probation has been going very well last night I made a five minute after dinner talk on a subject handed to me after I was at the table. The subject was "Why do Purdue Coeds like short men". I had my introduction all planned beforehand and I made it cover about two minutes that left only three minutes to talk on the subject assigned to me. I made it all right five minutes and twenty seconds.

We freshmen must sing a song or two after lunch and dinner, go up and down all steps in or about the House backwards, speak to and of every member as Mr. --, and so on. These orders are not to be told to any one.

I rew Miss Rita Watton's name a sophomore her home is near Flint Michigan, she was a very nicce girl in every way. The program was varied and interesting, it wasn't so very long ago but it seemed like a month. What have you done about the houseparty?

We have a base ball game this evening with another Fraternity I don't know which one but we will beat them of course.

To add a little bit about the House Party they will be about 1/2 Purdue girls and the other half out of town girls. We will all be together at noon and evening and can do as we please for amusement. There will be theater parties, breakfast parties and the like. Some get up early in the Morning and get a canoe and go up the river to cook their breakfast on some islands or tramp off to happy hollow to cook breakfast.

I have met Richard on the campus twice since the semester started but have not had any conversation with him at all. He lives on the east side and I am almost never over there.

Mis Naomi Christen, Katherine's sister, is a freshman a Pi Beta Phi pledge that sorority is right across the street. No I can't have any dates during probation "no social engagements of any kind".

I will sure be glad if they do start a literary society of some kind it will do the community good. I don't know if I would be elligible or not but I hope it is a go any way. My exam grades were Math 91, Eng B, Chem 87, Poultry 100, M.T. 98, and Biology 60 and I made an A in it last semester. He gave us teh craziest test I have ever heard of.


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