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Geneva Indiana
March 15, 1921

Dear Esther:

The reason I can't write any more is there is nothing to talk about so I can't keep it up. Well we received word from Glock and he said that I would have to stay two or three days after the operation. Mamma [mentioned] some thing about me having the fever. Well, any how he doesn't know how long I have been over the fever so mamma or papa has to write and tell him how long it has been.

Now about that "nut", I left out the word "jungle", so you needn't worry about it. Mamma says to send home that sweater to be washed. Those colors you sent the kids well you can hold them in [your] hand a little and they will get out of shape. You can mold them in any form. They surely did not cost much.

Finish tomorrow.

Mamma has churned som butter she is going to send you. She says for you to send home some nice round cookie cutters, the scaloped kind or any pretty shaped ones. Send two they are both for mamma so don't [forget?] them.

Papa is putting up the shades in the south room and that willmake a big difference in that. You know the south room is my room for the present. This morning you ought to have been with me in the bed. I could lay and look through the closed window (in the east) and see the colors of the sun. And thru the east and south bedroom window which was grand. Then a bird began to sing. [There] wasn't a cloud in the sky I could [see] then. But now there is a few white clouds. I think papa will engage or talk to the carpenter just as soon as my tonsils are out, every thing is depending on me.

Well I call this a blunt letter. I didn't mean to insult you about the colors but they are plenty good enough for the kids or too good. Lloyd only used his twice. Warren appreciated his colors. he usd them. I simply love to paint and color so I am doing it. I have painted four pictures. One is a poor one & one is not quite finished. I guess I will quit before I make any more blunders.


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