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[This letter was enclosed in the same envelope as Clark's March 16 letter.]

216 Waldron Street
W. Lafayette Indiana
March 13, 1921

Dear Sister:

Here it is Sunday evening and I have been on the jummp all day. I got up at 630 made the furnace fire and kitchen fire, went to Sunday School and Church, got hoome too late for dinner so i had to eat in the kitchen, cleaned out the furnace, went to Vespers, wrote two letters studied 10 minutes fixed fires again and am now writing this.

The man that was "on furnacce" last week was either too lazy or ignorant to clean the clinkers out of the grate and they were in there so thick that the fire just went out. I got over a tub of clinkers out of the furnace and the fire is burning fine now.

I don't know if I told you or not but my grades for last month averaged 88 1/8 that is the highest I have made in any month yet in my college career.

Esther I have decided to join the Church. I don't suppose you would be surprised at anything I could do would you? This is very brief but I have to go to Church now.



I just found this in my pocket I had forgotten all about it.

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