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Dear Esther--

I can not notice that Lloyd or Warren have gotten behind in their classes to amount to anything. Both of their teachers told them they could catch up. But as Ruth has not gone back to school yet and has not studied a home, i do not know where she'll be or how she can make up. I tho't I'd manage to see the Prof. before school is out and see what can be done.

i do dread my trip to Dr. Glock so much. Papa will go with us there, but will not promise to stay and I am so easily worried since the children were sick. Of course we do not expect to be kept there no more than one night; but one never knows for sure. Think I'll have Lloyd seen to when school is out & when we can drive to Ft. Wayne. We wrote to Dr. Glock Fri. to let us know when to come.

Will write more the next time.

With love--
from Mamma.

Josephine is at home. papa saw her but I did not.

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