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Geneva Indiana
March 13, 1921

Dear Esther:

Mamma has got the only good pen in the house so I have to se a pencil. It is bed time but I am going to write anyhow. Warren has got one of his cranky spells and anything or nothing won't suit him.

I've been painting pictures and pictures. One is real good, mamma and papa said so and so did Lloyd & Warren. It is a dark picture of a moonlit stream and a moon. I have done the most strenuos work to-day, and that was sweeping the room. Ha! Ha!

Mamma hasn't washed out that piece of brown crepe de chine. But I will tomorrow morning and tell you then. To-day has been the longest lonesomest, drearyest day. The only thing unusual that happened was that papa went to S.S.

Mamma wishes & wishes you & Clark were home Easter or any other time. I wish so to. Most likely mamma will have you come home, it gets so lonesome. Nothing special has happened out of the ordinary, it has been the same old thing over and over again. I am [running] out of "material" to write about, besides I am sleepy so good-night. Talk with you tomorrow morning.

Monday morning. I have washed the sample with ivory soap and warm water. This was washed [the sample on the right]. Can you tell the difference? The iece that was washed was not ironed. i cannot tell the difference nor mamma can't either.

The birds are singing and a singing. there is teh Song Sparrow, Meadow lark, Blue Bird, and Robins that sing. It is so springyfied. The bulbs are coming [up] and the tree by the west gate has little tiny leaves on.

Mamma wants me to wash the separator and prepare a little bit toward going to Fort Wayne. I just quake to think about it.

With Love,

P.S. If you could come to Geneva on the train mamma would be glad to have you come home. The roads are so bad we could hardly meet you in Bluffton or Portland the roads are so bad. Mamma said she would discuss that later.

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