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Geneva Indiana
March 9, 1921

Dear Sister:

Lloyd and Warren are very far behind in their studies. They are studying as hard as they can. Well mamma, Mrs. Whitsel, papa, and me went to town this afternoon. Mamma is right at my elbow crunching the peanut brittle just like a pig. We have bought some Easter eggs for the kids and two little chickens and they do not know anything about it. Do you know that our cellar is covered with water. I haven't beendown there but mamma says there is and I take her word for it. We saw the doctor & he said I would have to stay over night and would have to keep on taking that blood medicine.

Thursday morning.

Well it is another pretty day. We have been making that [jungle] nut quite often since you have [mentioned] it. Mamma also ordered four gauze shirts over the phone from Filer's Store. They cost 40 a piece. And now they come to mamma's knees. They are very poor stuff too. The kids are off to school again and the truck leaves me behind. O, but it seems awful. Pretty soon I can tell you how it is to be in a hospitle. My finger nails were very long but not whey are not. I think Lehmans are awful kiknd neighbors. I wrote a card to Justine and she wrote me a letter the next day. And we are doing a great big washing today. This morning papa set a small fumigator going in the new east closet up stairs so as to be sure that some of the things (your dresses are among them and also a catalogue) are [fumigated]. I think you and Clark did fine in your first semester's work.

You know last fall mamma and papa donated some tulip bulbs to the school. Well where they were planted was a good place and they are up now. They are also making a bird house to put on top of a pole they have set up in the middle bed. I think it will be very pretty when the tulips bloom. Be sure and come home Easter, for I am lonesome. Well this is all I can think of to say. I have been writing every day without a miss.

With Love,

your sister

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