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Geneva, Ind. M'ch 9th, '21

Dear Esther--

Your card came yesterday. It sounded like you were homesick, melancholy, sick, discouraged or I hardly know what else. But finally decided you were not sick. I had quit asking anyone to write for me. I knew Mrs. Forest Shoemaker was busy going to their protracted meetings at night time as they held cottage prayer meetings every P.M. Then I know Luella can't be otherwise than very busy, so I didn't know who else to ask, and it is very unpleasant to phone to anyone and tell them in that way what you want told in a letter, so I just quit.

So much of the time Mrs. Whitsel can't see good enough to write, 'specially since it has been so cloudy.

No, Clark has not mentioned "house party." Who do they entertain and where? At the boys' expense?

Suppose we will send Lloyd and Warren to school today. Whooping cough is thick around here, so suppose that will be next in order.

Did I ever tell you we had Ruth's bed down here in front room for four weeks? Just took it back upstairs yesterday.

Am at a loss to know what to do with this black dress of yours. But think now, it would be best for you to take it to a dressmaker then and have her finish it as you want it. Have just finished packing your candy. Think it too fresh to taste good now. I cut & packed some of it before it was cold.

Will go to town this P.M. Hope you get mail enough to suit you this week. Clark thinks it would be nice if I could be down there Mother's day week Some time in May. (8th of May). he seems to 'keep smiling" tho I do not think his grade[s] are quite so good as yours, but his are real good tho.

I have not been off of the place for so long I'll not know how to act in town. Birds are singing & it is one nice P.M. tho the ground is wet wet wet.

Our corn is out. Will not raise any beets this yr. They guarantee too low a price.

Josephine Martin comes home next Thurs. for a week's vacation & Elizabeth will go back with her & go to school a while. Josephine has her "license" to teach now.

I must close & get ready to "shop."

Yours from

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