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Geneva Indiana
March 8, 1921

Dear Sister:
We got your cranky letter to-day. I don't think you have any reason to be cranky for we wrote as soon as we could. Papa said we had a good promise. It will be put in a year from this comming summer. He said we would have a concrete road put in between Geneva & Perryville. I still can smell some of that fumigating stuff every once in a while. All of us are going ot sleep upstairs tonight. We have been sleeping down stairs. Now just imagine my bed in the front room.

Wednesday morning

Well it is another day and the sun is shining for the first time. This card and a package ought to reach you at the same [time]. P.S. We may send them tomorrow. The packages you sent us reached us a day later than your letter or card. Well Lloyd & Warren are off to school, the first day. I guess I will tell you what is in the package. There is rose coconut fudge, peanut brittle, & nut fudge. I 'spect I hadn't ought to have talked quite soo cross the very first line. Mamma just supposed you had the very same kind of weather there as we have here and don't or rather didn't get many letters. We haven't washed yet this week & don't know since we missed [our] chance today. Well I must stop.

With Love,

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