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Dear Esther--

If to-day is a longer day with you than it has been with us it surely is a lengthy day. It has rained all day & was so dark at 3-30 o'clock that we lit the kitchen lamp. i've done most every thing to pass away the time. Made three pies, got dinner, popped corn, helped papa make out our garden seed list, played games with kids & finally told papa I tho't it would be O.K. to write & then fumigate the letters. For I have time today to write & I may not have after we fumigate, any how not as much as I now have.

Well, we have been having "one time" this being quarantined. It did not discomode me particularly, only that I could not write you or Clark. So far as company was concerned I've had as much as usual (which is none) and have been called up on 'phone a great deal oftener. But it did seem awful not to be allowed to write to you kids nor for Papa to go to the town. We've sent by Mr. Whitsel for everything. We had intended to fumigate about last Tues. then Ruth took rheumatism last Sun. (one week ago today) and had to go back to bed. I did not know for sure what was the matter, so we had the Dr. come out on Mon. A.M. & he called it rheumatism & said her heart was not very strong, & said to keep her in bed for about four days. So now she is up again but of course that put an end to our fumigating. Then we decided to fumigate on Sat. So Joe went to town on Fri. to get "stuff" but Mr. Long was "out" but said he'd send for some that A.M. & that he would have it for us Sat. A.M. but when we phoned it had not come, nor did it come this A.M. So papa said if it does not come by tomorrow A.M. that he will drive some when & and let Joe get out & get it, for we are losing patience. So you see I am trusting that we get to fumigate tomorrow & then send this letter on Tues. or Wed. if it is a little old.

You did not write to us at alllast week. What I care the most about is "are you well"? I wish you would get in the habit of writing cards when you do not have time to write letters. Clark does not write much, some times almost nothing, but he never fails to write.

Well I feel like our winter is gone and nothing accomplished. I have put in my time caring for the kids, doing only the necessary work, worrying a whole lot and lately canning beef. I have 60 qts of beef canned & just a little pork, because I could not get the glass-topped cans (& had very few empty cans) & there I was afraid it would do harm to Ruth to keep boiler on stove so long & more or less steam go over the house.

Those spoons, picture and mop & colors all came O.K. and did serve to break the [monotony]. I have used the spoons to measuer Ruth's medicine with and Lloyd & Warren of course have used colors. I do not think Ruth has made use of picture as yet.

Dr. Price said Ruth would simply have to have those tonsils out just as soon as she is able to have it done. He said her rheumatism was caused by them & said she would have first one trouble & then another as long as they are not out & said Lloyd's should be out too. So I think we'll have Ruth's out before she goes back to school & may be Lloyd's.

I have a catalogue that came from N.Y. I've a notion to send to you. I like the styles & prices.

I do not know one thing lately about Daniel Hoffman.

Say, haven't Sprunger's had a time. Dorothy had fever for over three weeks. Janette got along tolerably well, but all the rest but Rolland & Irvin had such an awful time. Now Clyde has dropsy they say & Leslie is in a pretty bad fix. I can not understand why they should have had such an awful time, unless Mrs. had more than she could do.

Tues. A.M.

We are fumigated at last, & the house looks as tho' a cyclone has struck it. Papa with Mr. Martin (& I don't know who else) went to Decatur to see about this new pike we expect to get in a yr. or two. You know we asked for a concrete road passed her two yrs. ago. Well, Mr. Martin said he was reasonably sure we would get it next yr. This road is awfully bad just now, so much so that Joe hitched up to our old carriage the other day & drove to town in preference to going in his car.

I have made 4 1/2 gals. of mince-meat. Who will eat it? It is real good too.

Am a little afraid to send you this catalog from N.Y. for it might nto have been fumigated well enough. It may not be any cheaper or better than others either. Their add. is Hamilton Garment Co., 307 Fifth Ave. New York City.

Will send you some butter as soon as I can save cream. I will not send you butter made from cream saved before "fumigatin" see? Will also send some candy soon. Yes, we have butchered & no one is hungry for meat, so I salted down, legs, backgone, ribs & etc. Wind-mill still stands. Must close & send this--

By-by from

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