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216 Waldron St.
Sunday Evening

Dear Sister:--

I was figuring on a busy week this week and I guess it has started all right. Dr. Henry Sloan Coffin a Christian speaker known all over the world is to spend three days here Tues. Wed. and Thursday and a great programme has been launched as a fore runner and a parallel to it there is to be after dinner speeches at all of the Frats and Sororities and [boarding] clubs Mon, Tues, + Wed, + Thurs evenings. I have to call up each speaker about 35 and tell him where he is to be on each night, then report to the secretary, Miss Ward, then call the house up, where he is to speak, and tell them who to invite for each of those nights. I have been busy all afternoon and there are a couple of conflicts that I can't get straitened out there has been a misunderstanding some where. I have an introduction to a 1200 word argument to write yet this evening 10 pages of Poultry two chapters of A.H. and 4 problems in Math to get yet tonight. this month I made 3 A's and 5 Bs. In the exams I made Chem 87, Agronomy II 85, Poultry 100, Math 91, Eng. B, and M.T. 98. I will answer your questions later this week.


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