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216 Waldron Street
West Lafayette Indiana
February (Sunday) 1921

Dear Sister: -- I have forgotten the date altho I guess it is about the 27 of the month. Wonders will never cease to happen -- I got a 100 on my poultry exam, 85 in Agronomy II. I won't hear from my Chemistry until Thursday altho I am confident that I got about 90 or above. I have Math. and Eng. exams tomorrow and I don't know my stuff in Math at all. I just pledged myself to the "Forum" debating or rather literary society and next Thursday night will be my first night there as a pledge and the worst part of it is that instead of a regular meeting they are having a joint meeting of the Forum and a Co Ed lit. society and each one of us are given th ename of a girl and we ar to take that girl to the meeting the name I drew was Miss Rita Walton 355 W Oak St. She is a sophomore science according to the telephone directory no one in the house knows her but I sure hope that she does not weigh over 150 lbs and isn't more than 7 ft. tall it is all a gamble. I should have my life insured -- shouldn't I?

O.S. Williams a Senior from the house and Katherine Christen and Naomi and I went to the Family (a show) last night; the first date I have had for over a month I enjoyed the evening and will go again if I "may". Well here it is late in the afternoon and I haven't even looked at my Math. and I.O. Geraldine and Orlie a letter that I must answer soon. Velma Everitt is at Glendale College, Glendale Ohio now she askd me to give you her address you can write if you like but her letters are very poor to say the best about them.

Probation lasts a month usually it is simply a period of time that I may not be allowed to have dates (that wouldn't bother me any) I may have to do or not do almost anything. The men here are very reasonable and will not give me anything that will hurt my grades.

Vespers Sunday at 4 P.M. in Fowler Hall. All the House party costs will be about what we care to tspend, all of the girls stay here in the house and the boys move out the girls have the house -- no, no dances in the house and none anywhere unless ou care to go to the Colonial Hall or Allens. It lasts from Friday afternoon until Sunday at 4 P.M. The extra house bill will be about $5 for each of us boys, it occurs about the middle of May (over to front) I believe it would be worth your while to come and you sure have lots of time to get ready in.

P.S. You will find Richards name in the Exponent it answers a question of yours.

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