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Geneva February 21, 1921.

Dear Esther,
I will scribble you a few lines this Monday morning. To-day is going to be a beautiful day. It is just like spring out. The little birds just sing and sing. I suppose the weather is prettier yet farther south. That makes me long to be down there again. Though they have planned to [go to] I.U. at commencement, I do not know whether we will all get to go or not.

I suppose you will receive the box before you will my letter so I will say nothing.

I just talked to your mother. She said the children were all well. She said they expected to be in a couple weeks yet -- you know -- until they get perfectly well. If they all get along well your mother will not ask any one to write. So if you do not hear remember your folks are alright.

Your folks have less than a hundred rows of corn to shuck yet. Your mother said, "But I do not know how long the rows are." But just remember they are no longer than the lenght of the field. They are shucking now.

Ruth has lost eight pounds since she had the scarlet fever. You cannot tell it on her but she is not so solid is all.

I believe that is all your mother told me to tell you.

Your folks got your grades but they cannot send them to you. You will have to go up to the R[egistrar's] Office to get them. I guess you know that though.

It is terrible that you cannot hear from home. Yet you can feel that they are getting along alright. If they had not then you would have a good reason to feel bad.

I feel sorry for Sprangers. They are all improving except Dorothy and she is quite sick. The two boys have not had it yet. Jeanetter and one of the little boys sat up yesterday. Lesley and Clyde are still in bed yet. The rest of the people around here are alright -- or at least getting along O.K. You remember -- Clendenens [Glendenings?] and Harts have it.

I guess I never told you (but I suppose K. did) that Mrs. Linn died a week or so ago. You know she had tow operations for ulcers of the stomach but neither did any good. None of the nurses were with her when she died at all. I don't know what they are going to do now. There are two, probably three, in H.S. at Bluffton.

Daniel Hoffman is not getting along very good again. They cannot get him to eat anything.

The primary room at Central has something else going around now. It acts like the whooping cough but the doctors say it is only a epidemic. Over one fourth of Rugy's room are out -- of course they do not all have that. It is terrible the way those who have it cough. Ruby has not had it. If Warren gets it after he goes back it will be rather hard on him. Don't forget to write and ask if U wish to know anything.


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